Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Update

A crew of Sarah Taylor, Randy Taylor, Laura Moon, and Melissa Russell replacing the wood on benches in the front lawn of the Gandhi School. Clista Adkins is extremely excited about this work because many of her English tutoring sessions take place on these benches.
Rachel Taylor gets a "mud lesson" from carpenter Atilla the HUNgarian. The wall for music storage is almost complete!
Patrick O'Dell with Gandhi student Yonni. They are working on the stucco of the courtyard columns.
Gandhi student Yonni, Will Tucker, & Bethany McDaniel paint the strips on the walls of the courtyard.
Jamie Mackey and Glen Akins with the Gandhi principal. She gave each of the FBC folks a gift for coming. The gift is a book of the Gandhi School celebrating its 15 years of existance.
Joel Keene & Conor Gattis with Gandhi student Laci while painting a dorm corridor/hall.
Brian Leffel, Janice Owen & Kristi Taylor working on painting the dorm rooms. Both Janice and Kristi wish Jamie was not taking pictures.
A look from above - Bethany McDaniel, Will Tucker, Kenzie Broome, & Yonni paint the walls of the courtyard.
A view of Pécs from the top floor of the boys dorm.
Laura Moon painting the wood for the benches.
Big Rick Holloway with Glen Adkins on the newly floored stage in the Music/Theater Room. Glen is excited.
Patrick O'Dell, Dennis O'Dell, & Jake Gattis celebrate a job well done with carpenter Gabor. In Gabor's words, "Supar!"
Jake Gattis with Yonni on a bike trail up at Lake Orfu.
On Lake Orfu, some of our FBC folks enjoying the paddle boats. Here is one jumping from the boat into the lake. The paddle boats even had slides on them!
Kenzi Broome, Jeremy Dickson, Gandi student Laci, & Kristi Taylor enjoying time on a paddle boat.
Dinner was hot dogs roasted over a campfire. Here are FBC students and Gandhi students intermixed enjoying the time together.
The world's best Hungarian smore!
Our time at Lake Orfu concluded with a time of worship around the campfire. We sang, heard a devotion and discussed how we saw the face of Jesus during the day (our daily question).
Here Glen Adkins and Thomas Lewallen lead us in singing.

Hello from Hungary. Today was an awesome day, and we accomplished a ton. We got significantly close to finishing our projects. Workers in the courtyard, like me (Will) painted the walls in different colors, to match the traditional gypsy art style. The other team with me (Blake) led by big Rick Holloway worked in the music room to finish the stage and storage room. I even had time to begin marking off a four-square court on the asphalt in the courtyard, to be painted tomorrow--all before lunch at one 'oclock.
After lunch we headed to Lake Orfu and commenced to have a great time. Seriously. A ton of people went on a bike ride, others swam, and some, like Brian Leffel, Robert, Joel, and Andrew rented paddle boats. We swam for a good 3 or so hours before having roasted hot dogs over a fire by the lake side. Trust me--people-watching on a European lake "beach" is definitely say the least.
We ended the day with worship by the lake with a wonderful experience filled with music and a devotion led by Trey, the summer intern here. It all made for another awesome day in Pecs, Hungary. We look forward to finishing up all the projects tomorrow and then packing up for 2 full days in Budapest beginning Friday. Hope everyone back home is holding up well and I'm sure everyone here is looking forward to seeing you all in about 4 or 5 days. Cos a num. Hallo.
-Blake Reasons and Will Tucker


  1. I'm wondering why there are no pictures of these interesting people you all saw on the beach. Hee hee

  2. Since the high temperature today was 91, we can only imagine how interesting the Hungarians were coping with the heat.