Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16 - They are finally in Pecs!

I just received word at 1:20pm our time that they have arrived in Pecs! They had a 3 hour bus ride and are happy to be there. The missionaries are giving them pizza and salad for dinner and then I think they will all crash. They sound exhausted. The temperature there is 92 degrees and there is no AC in the dorms. They will sleep fine tonight because they are so tired, but later in the week I am sure they could use our prayers for cooler weather - especially after outdoor work projects. I know they will have a good spirit about it though - they are 'on mission' for the Lord. Everyone can rest well tonight - our loved ones have reached their destination - God has answered our prayers for safe travel. To Him be the glory!

Now we can focus on praying for spiritual growth in the lives of our students and for our entire team to be able to impact the Kingdom of God in a powerful way. Don't stop praying now!!!! I think you may began to hear from them tomorrow, depending on the internet connection from the school where they are staying. If not, I will keep you posted as text messages come through. Have a blessed day!

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