Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Departure Day - July 15

Greetings Family and Friends of FBC! This is Hope Mackey and I am doing a couple of updates on the blog while they are in transit to Hungary. Below you will find some pictures from today. I asked Jamie to leave his cell phone on and text me the minute they were cleared for departure in Dallas. I heard from him at 5:29 that they had lift-off! Now we will all pray for a long safe ride over the ocean and to Paris . I am suppose to receive a text upon landing in Paris. It will be late, but as soon as I do, I will update the blog. I will also receive one when they land in the morning at 8am 'ish' our time. I will update again then. Hopefully, they will have a connection upon arriving at the school and will be able to send pictures and messages from there to us each day. Also, a friend of mine gave me these websites to track flights with:
Thank you for your prayers. Jamie said in his last text,'We R taking off now. Everyone is REALLY excited.'

Thank you FBC families and church family for sending them!

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