Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday PM Update

Mission team at Pécs Baptist Church after worship.
The youth "singing" during worship.
Working a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (it is REALLY hard)
A cool overlook close to where we ate in Pécs.
Us and the Ghandi students playing the human knot game.
Randy Taylor playing foosball with Ghandi student Barbi.
Jamie and Ghandi student Richie
Everyone singing together during devotion time.
Human knot again.
Hey ya'll! This is Bethany and Andrew.

This mornig we went to a Hungarian Baptist church and sang for the congregation. We sang two songs in English but other than that, the whole service was in Hungarian with no translators. You think Dr. Hull's sermons are long... =] Then we went to lunch at the Mediterranean Hotel where we had a Hungarian buffet. Our translator Laci (Latzie), who graduated from the Ghandi school in 2002, was able to tell us what each thing was and how delicious it is. After that we went back to the Walking Street in Pécs and toured the Basilica and an early underground Christian crypt for 800ft or 6 bucks. It was awsome! We then proceeded to take a two hour riding tour of the Pécs countryside. We went through many Roma villages that were both full with ancient beauty yet obviously neglected. We also went to Laci's house and met his family while also getting the oportunity to tour his vineyard and vegetable garden in their backyard. We came back to the school to greet our Ghandi guests. There are 6 in total (so far) and they will be working and hanging out with us for the next few days. Now we are hanging out, doing puzzles, and playing the guitar. Hungary is great!! far.
Bethany McDaniel and Andrew McPhail


  1. What a wonderful mission!!! You guys look great and having a terrific time. Tell Blake his mom wants him to shave! The facial hair shows up really good in the pics! Praying for your experience and safe return.

    Bob Saint

  2. Ha ha not really he doesn't have to shave I think he looks great.