Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Update

Patrick O'Dell, Dennis O'Dell, & Jake Gattis begin to paint the walls of the courtyard.
Thomas Lewallen climbing the rock wall at Mecsestrem. He almost made it to the top. The Taylor family were the climbing champs with Sarah, James, & Rachel all making to the top.
Kenzie Broome with Rachel Taylor and Hallie Caneer on her back. Looks like they are having fun!
All sharing a knee - Jamie Mackey, Patrick O'Dell, Thomas Lewallen, James Taylor, Rick Holloway, Jake Gattis, & Blake Reasons.
Our adults are having fun with one another. Here Brian Leffel sandwiches Rick Holloway's van so he cannot get in. This is after Rick and Brian decided to separate as roommates because Brian snores.

Hey yall this is Conor live from Pécs,

We have just finished yet another of Clista's amazing meals and everyone has settled into their evening leisure activities. Today the group had a wonderful day at the school in the morning and the "Extreme" Park during the afternoon. Big Rick and his crew pretty much finished with all of the painting in the music room and started building a wall and the stage. The group from the courtyard continued their work with the stucco, and started painting the outside walls of the school. Finally, the indoor painting crew continues to make headway in the boys dorm. It is going to be tough, but I think that most of the projects will be completed (even if that means we have to work late on the last day).

After lunch we went to the Mecsextrém Park. There we were able to do a variety of activities like ropes courses (three difficulty levels), zip lines, the Zorb (look it up it's pretty cool), rock climbing, horseback riding, and my personal favorite, the bobsled. We were there for about four and a half hours and got to see some hilarous things. At one point on the ropes course one could see Joel Keene sliding on his bum at the end of a zip line, and Blake Reasons struggling to get through one of the ropes courses (he is not a big fan of the suspended rings). It would be safe to say that there were many laughs to be had.

On another note...I want to thank everyone back home for the countless number of prayers and the outpouring of love, and support that has guided us through this entire trip. I really do believe that we are making a difference in the lives of the people that we come in contact with. Please continue to pray that the words coming from our mouth, and our actions can convey the message of Jesus Christ.
See you all when we get back home,


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  2. Hey Gang!!! Looks like you are doing a great job. We are renovating our intown home and I think ya'll could use a little more practice when you get home. Just give me a call for those volunteering!!! We dont have Hungary food but I think there are some Hungry Man Dinners in the freezer. Keep up the good work. The Lord is seeing your work and smiling really big. Keep Him smiling. We are so proud of you and the work you are doing. We are smiling also. All the 9th grade teachers send there best and are praying for you.

    Bob (Bob-o to Conor)

  3. Looks like you all had a fun day! I'm glad to know that you all are helping Blake with his leg weightlifting skills while he is there!