Friday, July 17, 2009

Greetings from PECS!

Friends - as you have already heard hopefully, we arrived yesterday from the many hours of travel to Pecs. Today, we are getting to know our home for the next week. This morning after a chance to sleep in to regain some energy, we toured the Gandhi School and learned what our work projects would be for our time here. The work projects begin tomorrow and will continue through next Friday morning. We will be renovating and building a theater/music room, repairing and painting a courtyard, helping with some landscape and lawn needs, and painting many of the boys dorm rooms.

After touring the school, we loaded up in our 4 vans and made our way to the town center of Pecs. We had lunch at a mall foodcourt. Many played it safe by eating at either Burger King or Subway, but some of us ventured into some Hungarian food. We all enjoyed the different taste except Andrew McPhail. Andrew accidentally order a plate of chicken livers. After lunch we took a walking tour of the historical district of Pecs. We are in a beautiful city that dates back many centuries. As I am updating you, the rest of our team continues to tour and look around Pecs.

Here are some pictures in reverse order of occurrence (sorry):
On the streets of Pecs with Clista Akins gives details about our whereabouts.
Rachel Taylor and Hallie Caneer on top of the Barbikan (corner of the historical city wall).
The group walking through the streets.
Several in front of the "love locks." Don't worry, no one added a lock for their relationships.
Students touring part of the Gandhi School - notice the banners hanging from the ceiling. We really enjoyed touring the school, seeing the artwork of the students, and learning the purpose and vision of the school.
The team in the courtyard where we will be painting and doing some refurbishing.
Glen Akins (to the left) is giving the team an introduction to the school before the tour.
Conor Gattis and Andrew McPhail hanging out at the airport.
The team unloading the American Airlines plane in Paris after the long flight.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! It's nice to see your smiling faces! Blake try the Hungarian food and take lots of pics!

  2. Daddy - we miss you and were so happy to hear from you on the internet! We love you and are praying for you!
    Love, Mommy, Cade and Story

  3. Jamie, Check our family blog and leave Cade a note - he has been checking with me to see if you left him a comment yet. Thanks sweetie! I hope you have a wonderful day of ministry! Tell Sarah Taylor that Cade has been praying for her everyday - he says, Miss Sarah Taylor in his prayers!

  4. Prayers - for each one of you by name - have been lifted today. Prayers for safety and health; prayers that you may be open to God's Spirit as He blesses you and blesses through you.

    I have looked online at pictures of Pecs this morning and have envisioned you walking down the streets!

    Sending you prayers and love...

  5. No, I don't imagine chicken livers would be too appealing to Andrew. But give him kudos for trying new and different foods! Hope everyone is rested..Conor looked a little frazzled! Enjoy Pecs and soak in the culture. May God bless each project tomorrow and each one of you as you do His work!

  6. I know most of you don't know me (only Jamie) but know I am praying for you. God is going to do amazing things through each of you. You going to minister has already spoke volumns to them. May you come back to the states and never be the same again. I know God is smiling upon each of you! :)