Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Update

Several of our painting crew in the boy's dorm - Katelyn Owen, B-Daddy Leffel, Conor Gattis, Kenzie Broome, Andrew McPhail, Robert Moser, & Bethany McDaniel.
Our Music Room Renovation Team - Gandhi student Barbi, Jeremy Dickson, Gandhi student Ricsi, Big Rick Holloway, Little Rick Holloway, Attila the HUNgarian, & Blake Reasons (mixing the paint).
Joel Keene, Robert Moser, Andrew McPhail, & Katelyn Owen resetting a finished newly painted room in the boy's dorm.
A "Handprint Wall" in the courtyard.
Our FBCHSV Hungary Mission Team.

Hello from Péc’s Hungary. Today was an amazing day, we made the last final push to finish our projects. I (Rick) worked downstairs in the music room along side my dad, Blake, Jeremy, and Rachel. We accomplished a ton, finishing everything and putting the final touches on the room by moving the chairs and cabinates back in to place, and hanging the curtains back on the stage. Upstairs in the boy’s dorm they completed all of their assigned rooms, bringing a much better look to that half of the dorm. In the courtyard my dad, Jake, and I(Patrick) put stucco on the remaining walls having to get up earlier to do so. The others whom were painting stripes in the courtyard finished just before lunch. The remainder of the day Jake and I roamed around and helped the other groups, either by moving furniture or cleaning up.The final touches were put on the courtyard when the entire mission team left their handprints on one of the walls.

For dinner tonight we had an amazing Hungarian stew made by many of the workers or family members helping us through out the week. Afterwards we went down to the meeting room for an emotional last night of worship and devotion with the Gahndi students. We are now about to go pack and get ready for our three hour trip to Budapest which will definately be an awesome experiance. Cos a num.

- Rick Holloway and Patrick O’Dell

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