Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday's Update

Bethany McDaniel did a great job stuccoing the wall.
Andrew McPhail celebrating that he placed the mortar perfectly.
Joel Keene cleaning while painting.
Blake Reasons & Andrew McPhail having fun with our carpenters playing foosball.
John Mark Russell painting a dorm room.
Katelyn Owen painting a dorm room.
Bethany McDaniel and Laura Moon ready to work for the day.
Conor Gattis and Blake Reasons mixing mortar for adherring foam to the walls.
Sarah Taylor and Kenzie Broome applying the mortar.
Jake Gattis mixing the painting with his hands - yes, that is how they mix the paint here!
Patrick O'Dell, Blake Reasons, & Will Tucker putting mortar on the back of foam before putting the foam blocks on the wall.
Hallie Caneer and Melissa Russell mixing painting.
Jeremy Dickson carrying some materials - oops, I caught him before he smiled.

Greetings from Pecs in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I thought I would greet you with this greeting because it will be how I greet the congregation of Pecs Baptist Church tomorrow. Our group will be singing 2 songs and I will be bringing a greeting on behalf of the group and our church. The rest of the worship time will be in Hungarian so it should be an experience!

We have had a good first day of work on the projects. As you can see from the pictures, the students worked extremely hard on the three projects we began today: renovation of the school's music room, repair to the wall's of the school's courtyard, and painting several of the rooms and halls of the boys dorm. A lot of work was accomplished in spite of some language issues. We have two "carpenters" with us. They do not speak any English so our translator is running from one spot to another continuously explaining things. We are learning some words to help along the way.

Pray for our day tomorrow as we worship and later welcome 1รถ Gandhi School students that will spend the next four days with us working. I am particularly excited about this part of the trip. Our FBC students will be able to build relationships and share God's love with them.

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  1. Hey Jamie,

    I am loving these pictures. Out of the 21 kids on the trip, I would have included Jake as one of the ones who would get his hands in the thick of things! I am sure he is having a blast. Looks like you all have your work cut our for you. We continue to pray for God's safekeeping and guidance as you continue serving the Ghandi school. Conor and Jake, if you are seeing this, know Dad and I miss you loads and love you even more -- Kelley (AKA-MOM)