Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Update

Melissa Russell & Hallie Caneer carrying materials.
Katelyn Owen & Melissa Russell working on the courtyard wall - notice Melissa's earrings and powertool combo.
Our dinner table.
John Mark Russell and Conor Gattis having fun while Kenzie Broome actually paints the wall.
Laura Moon rolling a dorm room wall.
Rachel Taylor and Joel Keene team up to drill anchors into the wall.
Melissa Russell, Katelyn Owen, Hallie Caneer, Rachel Taylor, & Joel Keene taking a break for a picture.
Thomas high up on a ladder cleaning the air ducks. Did Thomas really need a ladder?
Gandhi student Risci working in the Music Room.
Bethany McDaniel, Will Tucker, & Andrew McPhail with missionary Glen Adkins and the school's social worker Eszti. They gave Eszti the 26 suitcases of clothes and toiletries collected in Huntsville to give to the Gandhi students. She will distribute the donation as needed.
Jeremy Dickson holding the ladder for Rick Holloway. They are in the Music Room.
Conor Gattis, Jake Gattis, and Andrew McPhail using their "special" muscles to move beds back into the boys dormatory.
Our FBC students learning the Beas language through a game.
Our FBC students with the Gandhi students during devotion. At the back of the room is Andi and Joshua, our special music guests tonight.
Thomas Lewallen playing guitar with Glen Adkins during the devotion.

Jő napot,which means good day in Hungarian. Today we woke up and began working on our projects. In particular, we improved the music room by partially painting the ceilings and the air ducts. We also installed a wall that has to come out tomorrow for a door. In addition, we cut the grass in the second facility, finished two of the rooms at the boy's dormitory, and prepared to stucco the wall in the courtyard of the school.
Some interesting things that occured today were Big Rick learning how to walk on a ladder from one of the professional carpenters (named Atila the HUNgarian). Little Rick was drilling in the wall when he drilled through some wires which resulted in the lights going out. The other handyman, Gabor, spent his time with the people in the courtyard teaching them how to mud a wall. He is very patient and encouraging although there is a language barrier. He tells everyone "Süpa".

After dinner, we received Beas lessons from our Gandhi friend Risci. Beas is one of the two Gypsy languages. Then we had a devotion/singing time where some of the Gandhi students shared some of their culture with us through some songs. It was really upbeat and enthusiastic, and a very neat cultural insight. We are having a great time getting to know all of these new people and sharing, like we learned in our lesson tonight, the universal language of love that comes from God.

- Jake Gattis and Jeremy Dickson

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