Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Parent's Perspective on the Trip

By: Dennis O'Dell

Man oh Man! What a great time we have had. I cannot adequately express how proud I am of our youth. You parents have brought up young people you should be really proud of. I cannot believe we could ever have a group who could get along as well as these and . . . . . such hard workers! When we gave the Gandhi students their T-shirts my heart was broken at just how excited they were to get just this small gift. They each one immediately put his or hers on and just beamed. What a blessing we have in sharing their joy in such small measures. I cannot wait for our church to hear from our youth, these young missionaries, about how Jesus has blessed this effort. I want to thank each of you who made financial and other sacrifices for these young people to get to come here. I know that all will cherish these memories for the rest of their lives as will I. Continue to pray for our safe travels over the next 3 days. Again, thank you,

Your missionary brother in Christ,

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  1. I so appreciate Dennis and all the other chaperones who have given this vast time committment from jobs and families to go on this trip with our children. First Baptist is blessed with wonderful youth and they all start at home with loving parents such as all of you. I'm sure the youth will remember this experience always and will remember you for being a part of making this all happen for them. Prayers for a safe journey over the next 3 days. See you Sunday!