Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16 - They are on the ground in Budapest!

Our Mission Team has landed in Budapest. I received a text at 9:33am our time, which is 4:33pm their time. They are a bit late, but not too bad. They said they are waiting for luggage and will then load buses. They will text again when they arrive in Pecs. Praise God they are there safely! I will keep you posted as I am! Feel free to leave them comments of encouragement on the blog. When they arrive, they will be able to check the blog and hear from you as well.

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  1. Hey Guys! Jeff and I (Crystal) had the 8-9pm block of time last night on the prayer grid. The hour did not pass as we expected. Because of other disruptions, we had to eat a late dinner with our 4 year old and put her to bed while praying for the first half hour (we did, however, manage to be right on time). Strangely, this worked out very well. She helped us pray while we ate, brushed teeth, and put her to bed. She prayed for God to "strong the students and workers" and to "holy them". After her bedtime, Jeff and I continued by lifting them up by name and praying for their individual lives' paths that will surely be touched and changed by this adventure. We also remembered to ask that the parents of the Roma teens could prepare to be open to the biblical ideals of our U.S. teens. What a blessing it would be for the gypsy/Roma people with no true home or one heritage to accecpt a devine heritage/history/home from Jesus!! We pray that it will happen and to God be the glory!